Company Profile:

  ISOL Technology is always striving to be the best in the field of the Medical Imaging by contributing to the mankind in advance application and development of the state-of-the-art medical imaging diagnostic equipments.

We at ISOL Technology wish to express our deepest gratitude to our loyal customers and suppliers who have given us their unqualified support. On behalf of the company we want to thank you for visiting our website today.

In spite of the rapidly changing business environment ,and severe competition in the overall medical market, ISOL Technology has grown steadily each year and has established itself as a major provider of Magnetic Resonance(MR) Imaging Systems in Korea. ISOL Technology also has the largest market share of the domestic bone densitometry equipment sales and is currently in the early stages of development of the
61 channel MCG (Magnetocardiography) system with the R & D funds from the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

Having participated in the pioneering the Korea's MRI development since the early 1980's , and achieving the most specialties and experiences in manufacturing imaging diagnostic equipments, ISOL Technology intends to increase the profits for the medical centers and give patients more chances of use of the MRI systems by providing the most advanced MRI systems at the most competitive offerings.

Specializing in the development, production and sales of MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), BMD(bone mineral densitometry) and X-ray applications ,ISOL Technology is aiming to be listed on one of top 5 worldwide companies in the field of medical imaging diagnostics by the year 2005.